And now about Valentine...


One of the most Romantic Holiday has a dark and gruesome origin.

In 270 AD Rome, cruel King Claudius II thought that ‘Un-attached Men’ made better soldiers than involved ones… so he abolished marriage.  A Bishop named Valentine disagreed with this philosophy and thinking with his heart… risked his head.  He married young couple’s secretly and when discovered he was jailed and lost his head (literally... as he was beheaded) in the middle of February.  Before he was taken away he left a note for the Jailer’s daughter and signed it “from your Valentine”.

According to Harper & Row’s Panatis’ Stories… there developed a practice of giving hand written cards and notes Mid-Feb and this practice stayed and spread with Christianity.  In the 17th Century cards got more elaborate and soon were manufactured in ‘factories’ (called ‘mechanical valentines’). 

Since the words were in print (vs handwritten) people started sending them unsigned, creating a mystery around the ‘secret Valentine’… and then... the versus got lewd.  In Chicago in the late nineteenth Century, the PO rejected some 25,000 cards as the subject matter was not ‘fit to be carried’ through the US mail.

Chocolate became the dish of the day as Casanova… world’s greatest lover… ate chocolate before his roundevouz to make him virile.  More than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold in US alone.

Red Roses are another symbol of this day… as red is the color associated with strong passion.  Red rose was also the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love.  189 million stem roses are sold on V-Day; 73% of buyers are men and only 27% women… and out of that 15% of the women buy them for themselves.

Matters Of Houses


Hopefully this winter will be milder than last.  So far it has been more roar than matter... (or was that just our American Media doing the regular hype and roar).  Anyway, I for one can't wait for the cold to be over and spring flowers to burst forth.

The housing market is hot due to interest rates being low (3.5% and for a 5/1 arm even as low as 2.5%)... and as such I have decided to put our home on the market.  Ricky is traveling and Geena is off to college so it's time to down-size.  If you know anyone looking to move to a bigger home in a WONDERFUL Neighborhood... please do let them know or send me their email and I can mail them the brochure.

Feel free to give my name and number (908).391.9961. or that of my business partner's:  Alex Silberman (973).219.9200. to anyone you know looking to make a move. 

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Happy Thanksgiving from Gita - I'm Back!!!!!

Your kind and numerous emails have motivated me to write again... For You!

No, I was not hiding under a rock... but restarting my old/new career.  And now that my Real Estate Career is going full force... I have decided to return your support with your favorite pastime... Reading about Fun Facts and Food.

Have the kids print the following and share at the Dinner Table on Thursday! […]


Niche names all 5 Millburn Elementary School to top 6 sports in the state!

2014-11-11 at 8.23 AM

Niche studied 40,403 elementary schools based on key student statistics and 4.6 million opinions from 280,000 students and parents.
Which is the only town in New Jersey with all five of it’s elementary schools in the top six?
Watch out Short Hills! Full Article here.